I would like to consider myself as a lifelong learner and innovator. I am a Professor of Learning Technologies and Innovation and Associate Dean for e-learning at the University of Nicosia. I am the co-founder and Executive Director of CARDET (Center for the Advancement of Research and Development in Educational Technology), a Non-Governmental non-profit research and development center based in Cyprus with partners around the world.

I was born in Kato Zodhia, a small village in occupied Cyprus, on August 24, 1969. Cyprus is a beautiful island in Meditterenean sea, with 10,000 years of history and civilization. It is a well known holiday resort and its main income comes from tourism. The population of the island is about 900,000. On July 1974 Turkey invaded Cyprus and we were forced out of our home. It’s been more than 42 years now that I am refugee in my own country. Turkey refuses to take her troops out of Cyprus, despite the fact that the United Nations have voted several resolutions asking Turkey to free Cyprus. You can learn more about Cyprus by visiting the site

I graduated from the Pedagogical Academy of Cyprus (PAC) in June 1989. PAC was the official teachers’ college that prepared teachers for elementary schools. It has now become the University of Cyprus. After graduation, I joined the Cyprus army for 26 months, since serving in the army is compulsory in Cyprus. On September 1991, I was appointed as an elementary school teacher. After working for a year in that position, I was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to pursue a Bachelors degree in the U.S.

While in the US I received a B.S. in Photo/Multimedia with a minor in Film, from Western Illinois University (WIU). I then continued for a Masters in Education with emphasis on Instructional Technology and Telecommunication, also at WIU. On August 1996 I joined the Ph.D. program in Educational Media and Computers at Arizona State University. I was fortunate to have as my mentor Dr. Marina McIsaac who has been of great support throughout my doctoral years, and continues to be my “second” mum until today. I was fortunate to have also met Gene Glass who continues to be a good friend and mentor.

I received my Ph.D. in May 1999 and I then returned to Cyprus. During the academic year 1999-2000 I taught 3rd grade at elementary schools in Cyprus. After the Ph.D., teaching 3rd grade was quite refreshing and a very exciting learning experience! Once you earn a Ph.D. you think you know “everything” but, once you return to the k-12 classroom you land on planet earth!

When I find time for some fun stuff not related to my work, I enjoy playing with my son, cycling, watching a good film, and reading a good book. But, I always find time for good food! When not eating, and not working, I am riding my bicycle and dancing salsa! : )

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