CARDET participates in ICTVC 2013 conference

The 5th International Conference on Typography and Visual Communication (ICTVC) is organised by the Institute for the Study of Typography & Visual Communication, in collaboration with the Department of Design & Multimedia and IMME. The event took place from 6 to 8 June 2013 in Nicosia, Cyprus, on the campus of the University of Nicosia. ICTVC is established worldwide as a major event that explores the world of typography and visual communication. Since its inception in 2002, people from diverse fields and different disciplines with a passion for visual language research, education, and practice, contribute to the conference. ICTVC attracts speakers and delegates on an international scale, and from a wide range of disciplines related to typography and design. The high quality of presentations is a hallmark of the conference. For more information visit

Empowering education through innovative tools: Case studies and findings

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AlphaEU: Children playing with letters and sounds via digital alphabet books

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Multi-literacies and the role of visual communication for 21st century skills

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