Modernizing Indian e-Learning Strategies

Modernizing and Enhancing Indian E Learning Educational Strategies, project MIELES, has been launched at the University of Barcelona on Nov. 14-15, 2016. The General Objective of MIELES is to modernize and enhance access to the Indian Higher Education system by supporting the development of diverse institutional e-Learning strategies. CARDET was involved in the writing of the project and will lead the work relating to the development the elearning strategies in all the Indian partner institutions. It is believed that this approach will be a concrete and innovative way of addressing the most pressing needs in the development of the Indian Higher Education sector at mieles1present, namely expanding access to higher education, and more specifically, exploiting the potential of the Indian Governments’ (and private sectors’) investments in digital infrastructure, internet access, and online courses. The project departs from the premise that all Indian higher education institutions need support to upscale their e-learning strategies and programs. CARDET will use its more than 20 years of global expertise in the area of e-learning design and strategies to support partners in achieving their objectives.