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The international research center CARDET, recently coordinated a study visit at Imperial College London (UK) and Riga Technical University (Latvia), in order to examine the ways in which these two universities collaborate with industry and promote innovation. The visit, was part of the project “Development and operation of University-Industry Liaison Offices in the Republic of Cyprus”, coordinated by the University of Cyprus.



Imperial College London

The goals of the project are:

  • Development and operation of  Industry Liaison Offices (ILOs) among participating Universities in Cyprus
  • Collaboration of Private and Public Sector within a mutual objectives scheme
  • Development and promotion of Innovation Culture
  • Engagement of the Academic world with  the Cyprus Business world through compatible and productive collaborations
  • Establishment of a communication channel by the contribution of other productive bodies of Cyprus Society: Cyprus Employers & Industrialists Federation, Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Companies, Associations etc.

CARDET is conducting a “best practices” study, to examine what organizations and Academia – Industry Liaison Offices in Europe and elsewhere are doing to promote innovation and entrepreneurship. The aims of the visit were to learn from other’s experiences on issues like:

  • Collaboration between academic institutions and enterprises in addressing specific issues and problems faced by enterprises
  • Development of innovative products and services
  • Technology transfer programs
  • Student placements in enterprises in the form of internship or practicum
  • Explore ways that we can collaborate on future projects

Participants in the study visit were Dr. Charalambos Vrasidas and Sotiris Themistokleous from CARDET, Dr. Gregory Makrides from the University of Cyprus, Dr. Charalambos Chrisostomou from the Cyprus University of Technology, and Dr. Antonios Londos from the Frederick University. Within a next few weeks, a detailed report on best practices and recommendations for Cyprus Universities’ Liaison Offices will be developed and presented to interested stakeholders. For more information about the project, visit

CARDET participates in ICTVC 2013 conference

The 5th International Conference on Typography and Visual Communication (ICTVC) is organised by the Institute for the Study of Typography & Visual Communication, in collaboration with the Department of Design & Multimedia and IMME. The event took place from 6 to 8 June 2013 in Nicosia, Cyprus, on the campus of the University of Nicosia. ICTVC is established worldwide as a major event that explores the world of typography and visual communication. Since its inception in 2002, people from diverse fields and different disciplines with a passion for visual language research, education, and practice, contribute to the conference. ICTVC attracts speakers and delegates on an international scale, and from a wide range of disciplines related to typography and design. The high quality of presentations is a hallmark of the conference. For more information visit

Empowering education through innovative tools: Case studies and findings

Download presentation HERE.

AlphaEU: Children playing with letters and sounds via digital alphabet books

Dowload presentation HERE.

Multi-literacies and the role of visual communication for 21st century skills

Dowload presentation HERE.

ICEM/ILE 2012 – Design Thinking

CARDET and the University of Nicosia, hosted the 62nd Annual conference of the International Council for Educational Media (ICEM) in conjunction with the 5th Annual Innovative Learning Environments 2012 conference.  The event was under the Auspices of the Cyprus Presidency of the Council of the European Union and took place on 27-29 of September 2012 at the University of Nicosia. This global event is of great importance for Cyprus and is in line with the long term strategy of the island to become a regional center for education and services.

The conference theme was: “Design Thinking in Education, Media and Society”. The theme is based on the idea that all humans have an inherent ability to design. Design thinking is an interdisciplinary framework that draws from the fields of cognition, media, creativity, engineering, arts, and the social sciences. Design thinking uses the sensibilities of a designer to develop human-centered innovative solutions to problems. During the ICEM2012 conference, we explored the various applications of design thinking and elearning and discussed challenges and opportunities that arise when combining design with learning technologies to address challenges faced in education, media, and society. For information about the event visit

Mediterranean Migration Network Launched

The Mediterranenan Migration Network was officially launched during a two-day working meeting at the University of Nicosia on March 1-2, 2012. Present at the meeting were the Minister of Interior, Mr. Neoclis Sylikiotis, Dr. Michalis Attalides, and representatives from publci and private organizations from Cyprus and Europe. Among the organizations represented included the International Organization for Migration, The Migration Policy Group based in Brussels, Oxfam Italia, COA from the Netherlands, High Commission for Immigration and Intercultural Dialogue in Portugal, the Ministry of Education and Culture, NGOs, and Union representatives.

Dr. Vrasidas Welcomes the Minister of Interior

Dr. Vrasidas & the Minister of Interior

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